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"Viennese-Waltz-Classic" Competition

Why a Viennese Waltz Competition?

The Viennese Waltz, as the oldest of our for Dancesport selected Dances and arguably the origin of everything, including Latin American, that has been developed over many decades and generations of competitors, is still, and has been for many years, in a development stage.

Yes, we have rules and regulations, hardliners for and against the addition of maybe non-typical choreographies, technique books etc. One point that has been neglected over the years, sometimes even changed unrecognizably, is the very heart and soul of this fabulous, highly skillful and therefore extremely diificult to master, movement - Music!

The Tempo and Character of the music that is being used for competitions has changed so much that it has been a logical conclusion by top class competitive athletes, coaches and trainers to change the choreography and technique in order to make this dance interesting again.

There one has the big dilemma, since the original technique, that adjudicators are evaluating, does not quite fit anymore and new techniques should not be marked well!

We need a clear indication for the future, in which direction we as an establishment want the Viennese Waltz to develop further. As we are of course open to any new developments we propose here at the inaugural Alpine-Cup-Schladming  a competition, which puts the emphasis back on the speed of the music, 60-62 bars per minute!

Our aim is to push the limits of Swing, Glide & Flight even further, so that the Competitors, Audience & Adjudicators alike will sence once again, what potential this unique Dance Movement has to offer.     

In our capacity as former very successful competitors, teachers, adjudicators and organizers we regard it as our responsability to do our very best in order to achieve integrity, direction and respect for new generations in Dancesport.

The Organizers