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Sensible Behavior & Tactics!


The Venue

The Congress-Schladming with its fabulous facilities offers the Athletes/Competitors a parquet floor in the dimensions of 24 meters in length and 13 meters in width!

The High Speed Lane!

In this area it is imparative to move! Either progressively across the floor, along the line of dance without stopping, or alternatively in a rotary action with a "Fleckerl" in the center! 

The Cautious Area!

This is the area for additional picture lines and presentations! Best for additional, alternative, lower speed choreographical elements. Caution has to be observed not to get into the High Speed Lane!

Stop & Go!

Get ready to go! Changes with static lines, maybe very experienced competitors may attempt a "Fleckerl", but again caution not to interfere with the high speed lane!

Danger Zone!

No Stopping! No unnecessary "Hesitations"! No "Continuous Backward Changes"! No to putting the health of your partner at risk!