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"Viennese-Classic" Championship 2018

The "Viennese-Classic" Championship is organized as a "Pilot Project" within the Austrian DanceSport Federation (ÖTSV) competition rules, member of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) and will be staged during the "WDSF Alpine Cup Schladming 2018".


Up to 13 adjudicators with international (WDSF) licenses, CM/MC's from the pool of WDSF Adjudicators.


The WDSF AJS (Adjudicating System) will be used.


Open, but stationary figures allowed solely in the middle of the floor, alternatively in "Stop & Go" area in the corners!

Dress Code

Competition Dresses according to WDSF Rules. Common Standard Practice Clothing is also allowed.  

Equality/Same-Sex Couples 

Equality/Same-Sex Couples are welcome to join, nevertheless please enter as "Man & Lady", since the "man" will be wearing the number card. 


As mentioned earlier, special emphasis is put on the type and speed of music, in order to allow the athletes and competitors to create the Swing, Glide & Flight action, typical for the Viennese Waltz. Therefore the speed will be 62 bars per minute, classical in rhythm and theme, but of course in strict tempo. CD and prerecorded music from PC will be used. See Music

Duration in all rounds including the Semifinal will be 8+96 Bars (equaling a maximum of 1min 40sec). In the Final the full 8+128 Bars (equaling a maximum of 2min10sec) will be played.

Star Couples & Exemptions

According to the anticipated amount of entries, participants of the Special Invitation Adult Events are exempt from the Morning Session of the "Viennese-Classic". If this will be one or two rounds can only be determined nearer to the date of the competition and will be published accordingly together with updates of the Timetable.

Judging Criteria

According to the Austrian DanceSport Federation (ÖTSV) competition rules.