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NOT for WDSF Senior or "Viennese-Classic" Participants!

(Those Couples please enter via our dedicated Competitions & Entry Page or the WDSF Calendar 18.August 2018 Schladming)

Dear Athletes! Dear Competitors! Dear Friends!

This is the first time that a WDSF Competition returns back to Schladming in many years. Therefore it is totally unpredictable, how many participants can be expected.

This is the reason, why it was not possible to organize a WDSF Open or WDSF International Open Amateur Competition this year.

The same reason applies for the fact that we had to strictly limit the number of participants in our Special Invitation Amateur Standard and Latin Competition to 24 (1/4 Final Stage).

As we hope everyone interested can also take part, please send us an eMail to

call 0043-660-2172257 or 0043-660-4317018 immediately! 

Good Luck and looking forward to seing you in Schladming!