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Do's & Don't's!

First and foremost in order for any competition to be regarded as fair, we, as the participants, have to adhere to certain Do's & Don't's. It is of utmost importance to acquire the skills, reactions & reflexes needed to avoid collisions at all costs, at least to outline your choreography in a way that will produce the highest level of movement and freedom without willfully blocking others! 

The Viennese Waltz, being the fastest of the Standard Dances, requires perfect strategy, tactics, awareness of speed and dynamics, as well as - most importantly - judgement of other couple's velocity and whereabouts.

We have put together a few Do's and Don't's which should be common sense, but are unfortunately disregarded in the misguided desire for doubtful success.


No Picnic in the Fast Lane of the Motorway!

Be aware of other Competitors!

Keep Moving!